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Countdown to 35 

During the five weeks in the summer of 2020 when ESPN aired “The Last Dance”, a 10-part documentary chronicling the career of the legendary Michael Jordan, three hours of its programming were devoted to one of Jordan’s greatest rivals. It wasn’t about Magic Johnson or Isaiah Thomas or even Kobe Bryant. It was about Len Bias, who never played a single minute in the NBA.

That by itself showed the enduring legacy of the former University of Maryland All-American, who died in 1986.


As part of its 34+1 Campaign, GoGrady Media has revived the top moments and stories that helped shape the complex legacy of Bias.  From mid-February through mid-June, GGM sent twice weekly submissions to its email list.  Most of the content came from the book, Born Ready: The Mixed Legacy of Len Bias  and is featured in the 13-part, groundbreaking podcast series, Len Bias - A  Mixed legacy.  Countdown to 35 ended days before June 19, 2021, which was 35 years from the day Len tragically died of complications from a cocaine overdose. 

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