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Your Life is Shaped by the Choices You Make


Making effective decisions has never been more important.  In the time of Covid-19,  when hanging out with friends could ultimately result in death, or a game of pick-up basketball could lead to disability, teenagers and young adults need effective decision-making skills.  34 + 1 is a continuous initiative to help strengthen those skills among teenagers and young adults at risk.  The # 34 represents Len Bias, the basketball player, who was poised for greatness as described in the book, Born Ready: The Mixed Legacy of Len Bias. Number 34 was his team number; 1 represents the unique human being he was.  As #34 on the University of Maryland, he had graceful strength, unlimited athleticism, and star quality. 


Yet as one person, he made a decision that forever tainted his legacy in a way that made his death and failures more memorable than his life and accomplishments. 


The 34 + 1 campaign represents the impending recognition of Len’s legacy 35 years after his death on June 19, 1986, in a way that can benefit teenagers and young adults. Len is remembered for being one of the best and most beloved college basketball players of all time. He is also remembered for making one bad decision that forever tainted his legacy in a way that caused a tremendous social change in America and impacted the lives of thousands for many years. 

Further, 34 + 1 represents a continuous effort to recognize the rich legacy of Bias in a way that had never been done before. Beginning on June 19, 2020, the 34th anniversary of his death,  34 + 1 will feature programs and events that will help teenagers and young adults learn the importance of making effective decisions. This will help them shape a proud legacy and discover how they were “Born Ready” for their own greatness. 

To assist the campaign, the Decision Education Foundation (DEF) has partnered with us to promote effective decision making skills.  The DEF is providing support for our crowdfunding campaign and plans to integrate the documentary into its curriculum. 


Main components of the  34 + 1 campaign will focus on the following mechanisms : 




I urge you to support the 34+1 Campaign. 

Let’s help teenagers and young adults make effective decisions, and discover their greatness. 

A comprehensive documentary about the legacy of Len that will present a message of resilience in the face of great challenges created by Len’s death. Production began in the spring of 2020. The producers hope to secure placement on a major streaming service. Watch the sample reel to the right.

An update of the book, Born Ready: the Mixed Legacy of Len Bias, originally published in 2011. A release by June 19, 2021--the 35th anniversary of Len’s death, is expected. The book is available on Amazon.com and through special orders from the author. The book, has received rave reviews. 

A series of complementary Born Ready Project presentations that will teach teenagers and young adults about Len’s legacy, and which will use that legacy to help them learn the importance of effective decision-making skills. Since 2012, representing the Project,  its author, Dave Ungrady has spoken in front of thousands of young people at dozens of schools and community centers as well as to groups that support adult education. Presentations can be easily arranged and Dave aims to work within a group’s budget to be available for presentations. Presentations range from a half-hour to a full-day. See testimonials here.  


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