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Born Ready:

A Mixed Legacy

GoGrady Media is proud to announce that work has begun on the documentary, Born Ready: A Mixed Legacy, which will tell the complex story about the death and legacy of All-American basketball player Len Bias. 


Len’s death at the age of 22 drastically altered lives and also saved lives and changed the course of athletic history. His death convinced many to stop abusing drugs and others to never use drugs. 


His death also created drastic social change, prompting the passage of laws that have led to long-term criminal sentences against young black men in America.


The documentary is based on the book, Born Ready: The Mixed Legacy of Len Bias. Both are part of the 34 + 1 campaign, an ongoing effort to promote effective decision making among teenagers and young adults.

Watch the Sizzle Reel Below

Scenes from Production

Spring/Summer 2020

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