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Len Bias Legacy Podcast Series  Has Launched! 

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Podcast Schedule

SECTION 1 - Len's Life
Segment 1 -Introduction 
Segment 2 - Born Ready
Segment 3 - Barnstormer & Boston 
Segment 4 - Final Hours 

SECTION 2 - Impact on Maryland Athletics
Segment 1 - Trauma and Transition
Segment 2 - Tragedy to Triumph
Segment 3 - A Dark Cloud 

SECTION 3 - Legacy

Segment 1 - Mandatory Minimums/Maximum Impact 
Segment 2 - From Dynasty to Drought 
Segment 3 - The Team 
Segment 4 - The Family 
Segment 5 - Fame and legacy 
Segment 6 - The Culture of Bias 
Segment 7 - Decisions 

GoGrady Media  has produced a groundbreaking podcast series on former Maryland basketball star Len Bias  


Go Grady Media is proud to announce that the first segment of a new podcast series that details the complex legacy of Len Bias is now available. The first segment of the series, Len Bias: A Mixed Legacy - An Introduction, launched on December 4.

"The release of this podcast series is the culmination of a decade of work promoting the legacy of Len Bias," said GoGrady Media president Dave Ungrady, who is the author of the "Born Ready" book. "It's been our mission since the book was published in November, 2011 to use Len's legacy as a teaching tool to create awareness of the importance of learning decision making skills. The podcast is another tool that will help us accomplish that mission."

The series includes at least one dozen segments and some 400 minutes of content in three sections:  1 - Len's life; 2- the impact of his death on Maryland athletics; 3 - and the impact of his death on American society, including the NBA, his friends, and his family. Segments will be release weekly through January. 


The series includes an introduction segment and a segment on the importance of effective decision making. produced in partnership with the Decision Education Foundation.  

Producers have interviewed some 70 people for the series. The include: former Maryland head basketball coach Gary Williams; ESPN basketball and analyst and former Duke start Jay Bilas and former Georgia Tech star and four-time NBA champion John Salley (both Bilas and Salley played four years against Bias); award winning poet and criminal justice advocate Dwayne Betts. 

See a list of those interviewed for the podcast series

Len’s death at the age of 22 drastically altered lives and also saved lives and changed the course of athletic history. His death convinced many to stop abusing drugs and others to never use drugs. His death also created drastic social change, prompting the passage of laws that have led to long-term criminal sentences against young black men in America.

Both GoGrady Media and Octagon Entertainment are working together to produce a documentary about Len's legacy. The documentary is expected to focus on Len's death as it impacted criminal justice reform connected to prison sentences and drug abuse.

Watch the Sizzle Reel Below

Podcast producer Dave Ungrady explains the purpose of the Len Bias legacy podcast and documentary on the Kevin Sheehan Show podcast.