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Podcast and Documentary

Podcast interviews completed: 

  • Gary Williams, former Maryland basketball coach - March 29

  • Chris Washburn, former N.C. State star, 3rd pick in the 1986 NBA draft - March 29 

  • Sue Tyler, former Maryland Ass. Athletic Director, March 31

  • Ed Tapscott, Former American University Coach/NBA Executive, April 1

  • Mike Sumner , Barnstorming Tour Founder, April 1

  • Jeffrey Harding, Tribble trial prosecutor, April 5

  • Franklin Ross, former AU star who played against Len in high school, April 12

  • Johnny Dawkins, 1986 College POY from DC, played against Len,  April 12

  • Johnny Holliday, legendary Terps broadcaster, April 16

  • Bob Geoghan, first to induct Len into a basketball hall of fame, April 16

  • Bob Nelligan, former longtime Maryland gymnastics coach, April 19

  • Brett Nelligan, Maryland gymnastics coach, April 23

  • Aziz Ra'oof, Maryland football player, 1983-87, Apil 23

  • Tom O'Neill, Jr, son of former U.S. House Speaker Tip O'Neill, May 3

  • Tom Cash, DEA agent in the 1980s, May 3

  • Pat Williams, former Sixers GM and Orlando Magic founder, May 4

  • Steve Bulpett, NBA writer for the Boston Herald, 1985 to 2019, May 5.

Born Ready:

A Mixed Legacy

Dave Ungrady explains the purpose of the Len Bias legacy podcast and documentary on the Kevin Sheehan Show podcast

GoGrady Media  has begun production on a podcast series  that will examine the complex legacy  of All-American basketball player Len Bias.  GGM is working with Octagon Entertainment to produce the podcast. Both are also working together to produce a documentary about Len's legacy.

Len’s death at the age of 22 drastically altered lives and also saved lives and changed the course of athletic history. His death convinced many to stop abusing drugs and others to never use drugs. 


His death also created drastic social change, prompting the passage of laws that have led to long-term criminal sentences against young black men in America.


The podcast and documentary are based on the book, Born Ready: The Mixed Legacy of Len Bias and are  part of the 34 + 1  campaign, an ongoing effort to promote effective decision making among teenagers and young adults.

The podcast will be a series of broadcasts that examines Len's legacy related to his friends and family, Maryland athletics, the Boston Celtics and the NBA, and criminal justice reform connected to prison sentences and drug abuse. There will also be a segment on the importance of effective decision making, in partnership with the Decision Education Foundation. 

The documentary will focus on Len's death as it impacted criminal justice reform connected to prison sentences and drug abuse.

Watch the Sizzle Reel Below

Scenes from the Documentary Production

Spring/Summer 2020