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Len Bias Podcast Series

To Debut by early December

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See our latest newsletter promoting the 34+1 Campaign and Len Bias legacy podcast series. 

Len Bias Podcast Series & Documentary

Highlight  34+ 1 Campaign Projects  

Others Include "Countdown to 35" and Book Update 


Gogrady Media has begun a number of projects that will help recognize the complex legacy of Len Bias in 2021, 35 years from his cocaine-related death. The project includes:  


​See our list of completed podcast interviews

  • GGM is also working with Octagon to produce a   documentary   about the Bias legacy.

  • Countdown to 35,  a compilation of the most memorable moments and stories that shaped the Bias legacy, end in mid-June, 2021.


From Kirkus Reviews

...dogged research, including new interviews and  previously produced materials, has yielded a well-rounded portrait of Bias and those who are trying to make sense of his death.

Here's a sample reel for the podcast/documentary:


All projects support the 34 + 1 campaign to improve effective decision making skills in teenagers and young adults.  The campaign was launched on June 19, 2020, 34 years  after he death of Bias, and aims to promote, Born Ready Project, presentations that teach effective decision making skills.  We  have partnered with the Decision Education Foundation to support the campaign. 


The campaign comes at a critical time when decision making plays an important role in dealing with the Coronavirus crisis and the increased awareness of the mistreatment of people of color.

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